The Carlstadt First Presbyterian Church Staff Members

Reverend: Donald Pitches
Church Secretary: Mariel Cruz
Church Organist:  John Gerasimov


Worship Service 10:00 AM

Erste Deutsche Evangelische Presbye Kirche.  Carlstadt, NJ - 1908
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            The colonization of America sprang from religious motives.  The colonist sought freedom here because of the oppression at home; they were determined to found a place of refuge for their beliefs and faiths.
            This identical spirit also permeated the founding of Carlstadt, where there was among many a spirit to serve the Master in the early day, though dormant for the first fifteen years.
            Shortly after the Civil War, religious meetings were held in the little red school house on Hackensack Street in Wood-Ridge, still standing on Hill Street, Wood Ridge, to which location it was moved.  The records are not clear as to the succession of ministers, but there is evidence that a Rev. Albert J. Winterick and a Rev. P. Baumgartner were the earliest leaders of this group of Christians.  It is related that Pastor Baumgartner was one armed, but his zeal in inspiring a small group of men and women in this freedom-loving community to form a Church gives mute testimony of his robust ability and spiritual leadership.
            The movement continued to flourish, and under the leadership of Pastor F. Kern, crystallized into church entity in 1869, when the First German Evangelical Church of Carlstadt was organized. It was received into Presbytery on August 18, 1869.
            In the original articles of incorporation of the German Democratic Land Association in 1851, which purchased the land comprising the old village of Carlstadt, it was provided by agreement, that no religious worship would be tolerated within its bounds.  Consequently, this newly organized group of Christians built their church just over the line of Division Avenue and Third Street.  The church edifice was erected and dedicated on December 17, 1871.  The dedicatory office was performed by the Rev. Guether of the First Presbyterian Church of Newark.  The parsonage was added in 1873.  The church flourished.
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A Prayer for Founders
          We thank you, Lord God, for brave and believing men and women who brought your message to this place.  Let us not forget them.  By their energies this church was gathered, given order, and continued.  Remembering all those Christians who have gone before us, may we follow as they followed in the way, truth, and life of Jesus Christ, the head of the church.  Amen
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