Dear friends,
Last week at story time during worship I began reading a great book to the children entitled; Easter Is Coming. The story begins at creation and recounts events in the life of God's people through the history of Israel and the life of Jesus. As it describes challenging events and obstacles faced by each generation of faithful people and how their faith in God helped them survive, it follows with the exclamation - Easter is Coming! It also recounts the events leading up to Jesus' arrest and crucifixion and describes how the power of Jesus resurrection changed people's lives, it again proclaims - Easter is coming!
How fun it is to read the story and hear the kids shout out at those key moments in the story - Easter is Coming! I can see the children watching as I turn the pages, waiting for the right words to be read. You can feel the energy and excitement grow in the children each time we reach that page. Yes, Easter is Coming!
I suspect it is the same for the adults in the congregation. They too are waiting for the right moment to arrive, for they want to shout out - Easter is Coming! 
This world can wear a person down. As the ancient people of faith faced obstacles and challenges, so to do we each day. Jesus faced the powerful hostile forces who opposed his message of love, acceptance and inclusion of all into the family of faith. So, we too struggle with the powerful forces of hatred and bigotry in our nation. 
We may be burdened with weariness of mind, body and soul because of our life and work. The daily news brings us stories of personal and social violence. We hear and read of tragedies, both nationally and internationally.  Our minds are overwhelmed by the news and we can become numb to the suffering and heartache. 
So it is, we look forward to the renewal which comes with the promise of Christ's resurrection. Our spirits are renewed. Our hope restored. Our sins forgiven. Our faith reinvigorated. Yes, it is true. Easter is Coming!
Thanks be to God! Easter is Coming! Christ is Risen! Easter is Coming!
Join us Easter Sunday April 21 at 7 & 10 a.m. For a time of worship and thanksgiving. 
Easter Is Coming!
Hope and joy,
Rev. Donald M. Pitches