1. How do I schedule a wedding?
Weddings are scheduled throughout the year by contacting the Pastor. Call the church office at 201-438-5526. Request a wedding information packet to be sent to you.
2. I would like my baby Baptized?
Baptisms are scheduled throughout the year. They are held on Sunday during the 10 am Worship Service. Call the church office to request a baptism information form and to check on a date. Normally Baptisms are celebrated on any Sunday except the first Sunday of the month.
3. Can I rent the church community hall?
The church community hall is available for rent. Please call the church office, M-F, 9-12, for details. 201-438-5526
4. When is the Worship Service?
The Church Worships on Sunday at 10 am. Children of all ages are welcome - Adults too! The children begin worship with the congregation and after a short time of participation they leave to attend christian education classes
5. "I'm planning to be married. How do I make  arrangements for the ceremony at your church or elsewhere?"
Marriages and wedding services are scheduled with the Pastor. Please call the church office. 201-438-5526. The Pastor conducts wedding services both in the church sanctuary and at other venues.
6. At what age do you baptize?
The Presbyterian Church baptizes babies, children and adults. Normally the Sacrament is celebrated by anointing the head with water.